How to play

How To

Once you have decided, if you want to play against a friend or a random player, you have to select the question-package which you want to play against your opponent. To start you off, we have provided these six packages with 250 questions each: Alternative Vol. 1, Classic Rock Vol. 1, Hard Rock & Heavy Metal Vol. 1, Indie Vol. 1 and Punkrock Vol. 1 – and for those of you who enjoy rock music, but whose knowledge is still a bit patchy, there is the “Rock´n´Roll-Rookie“-package, with 250 easy questions from all different genres of rock music.

The game starts at Level 1, with four easy questions, and ends at Level 4, with four tricky questions (except in the Rock’n’Roll Rookie mode, where the questions are easy on all four levels). Every question comes with four possible answers, one of which is correct. The faster you answer the question the more points you get. If you get the answer wrong you lose 25 points.

How To


In Rock´n´Roll Knowitall you have two jokers at your disposal to make it easier for you to solve the questions or to allow you to put pressure on your opponent.

Brain Joker

Joker 1: The Brain-Joker (you find it in the bottom right corner) helps you answer questions more easily. When you click it, a certain number of incorrect answers will be deleted. But you can use this joker only once on each level! If you have used up the 50 jokers you have been allocated initially you can buy more in our shop. Just go to “Settings”.

Pressure Button

Joker 2: Use your Pressure Button (you find it in the bottom left corner), if you have answered a question correctly which you do NOT think your opponent will be able to get right. If your opponent then selects the wrong answer they lose 100 points. However, if they get it right they get an extra 100 points. Caution! You can use the Pressure Button only once per level and only if you started the level yourself!

Bonus Round

Once you have answered four questions of one level your points are added up. On Level 1 you need 500 points to reach the bonus round, on Level 2 you need 475 points, 450 on Level 3, and on Level 4 you reach the bonus round with 400 points. Every bonus round gives you the chance to collect more points to beat your opponent.

As Rock´n´Roll Knowitall kicks off, we present you four bonus rounds which are played at random when you reach a bonus round (more will follow soon) – and those are: “Find the Record Sleeve!”, “True or False?”, “Letter-box”, and “Off Topic”.

How To

For the bonus game “Find the Record Sleeve”, we have unearthed the most hideous album covers for you – you just have to find the pairs. On Level 1 you have 60 seconds to accomplish that, on Level 4 you only get 45 seconds, i.e. as you climb the levels you have less and less time to find the pairs.

How To

In the game “True or False?” we fire claims at you for 45 seconds, and you have to decide whether they are true or false. Every correct answer gets you 20 points, wrong answers are penalised with a deduction of 10 points!

How To

In the bonus game “Letter-box”, you see randomly mixed letters which, put in the correct order, will give you names of bands. By clicking on a letter it moves directly onto the line below. You can delete them again, if you made a mistake. You can use the Brain Joker in this game. If you activate it a certain number of letters will find the right places automatically, making it easier to find the solution.

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For the bonus game “Off Topic “, we leave music behind and probe your general knowledge. How good are you at maths or history? How is your knowledge on film or sports? The Brain Joker helps you find the right answers.

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The bonus game „Who is the band?“ challenges your visual memory. Every round three different band photos are revealed bit by bit. The faster you recognize the musician or band and type in the correct answer, the more points you'll get.


How To

The “Settings”-function (icon in the top right corner) takes you to the detailed rules of the game, and to the Rock´n´Roll Knowitall-Store, where you can purchase different question-packages and jokers for a tiny amount of money. And you can play every package even against players who have NOT yet bought a particular package. And there we are! Invite your friends from all over the world (there are versions in five different languages) and have fun!